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Hire affordable talent from abroad

We source and train marketing talent from lower cost-of-living regions (Latin America, Eastern Europe, Africa), and match them with employers like you.

All candidates

  • come with 2-5 years of prior experience
  • have gone through a 12-week long CXL marketing training program
  • are fluent in English

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Peep Laja

Founder @ CXL

Finding affordable marketing talent is getting increasingly harder. CXL is changing that.

We will match you with a full-time, experienced professional at a cost-effective base salary (starting at $40k USD / year). This person will be a direct hire for you.

All candidates have gone through extensive CXL training programs and passed our final skills test. 

You can hire from these profiles:

Conversion Optimization Specialist

Finding conversion opportunities
Developing test hypotheses
Running AB tests
CRO project management
Understanding and working with quantitative and qualitative data
Digital Marketing Specialist

Lead generation
PPC and Paid Social
Landing pages

Note: you can request as many hires as you need.

Flat one-time fee

Our pricing model is straightforward, with no hidden costs: $6000 per placement. Huge cost-savings over using traditional recruiters + the person will earn a very affordable base salary.

You pay 50% upfront and the remaining 50% upon the person starting. 

Full refund in case we fail to match you with the right person.

How it works:

  1. Tell us which roles you’re looking to fill. Choose out of these 2 profiles:
  • Conversation optimization specialist
  • Digital marketer (generalist)

2. Tell us what you’re looking for in a candidate

3. We match you with the right person.

We recruit candidates matching your need, and put them through our 12-week program. You’ll get a new hire working within 100 days of signing up.


We’re confident in our talent. Should the new hire not work out and leave the company in the first 90 days, we’ll replace that person at no additional cost. If you’re unhappy with the replacement, full refund.

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